About our Physics notes

Version 0.1 was compiled by scholars who have achieved Distinctions in H2 Physics and H3 Physics. The original Qualitative Notes have sold over 40 copies on Carousell in 2017.

Open-source free a level notes PROJECT

In 2017, we have sold more than 100 copies of A Level Notes with over 80 positive feedbacks from our students. From 2018 onward, we will be making all our notes open-source and freely accessible by more students.

You must be wondering, why do we do this?

  • We can benefit more students and thus value-add every student’s revision
  • By transiting to open-source notes, we want more students to join us in this project to build the most comprehensive set of notes that is constantly updated for every A Level subject together.
  • We aim to drive collaboration among students to work on notes that will not only benefit themselves but every other student in future.

Share our vision? Join us as a collaborator to continue working on the next phase of the project together!

Open-Source Physics Notes Version 0.1 – What’s inside currently?

  • Physics Qualitative Notes that will help you tackle H2 Physics structured questions (most students lose marks for these questions!). This set of H2 Physics notes covers an extensive number of common answers to target questions that require students to explain and describe
  • Detailed notes that include common graphs and figures you might be required to draw and include in your answers
  • Complete Physics definitions list updated to the latest syllabus

Future updates FOR VERSION 0.2

  • Physics Conceptual Notes to help understand Physics concepts in a concise and easy-to-grasp format


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