About our chemistry notes

Our current A Level Chemistry notes are concise yet rigourous in content. They contain the useful information sieved out from different resources and are exam-ready to give you a final push during your revision.

Open-source free a level notes PROJECT

In 2017, we have sold more than 100 copies of A Level Notes with over 80 positive feedbacks from our students. From 2018 onward, we will be making all our notes open-source and freely accessible by more students.

You must be wondering, why do we do this?

  • We can benefit more students and thus value-add every student’s revision
  • By transiting to open-source notes, we want more students to join us in this project to build the most comprehensive set of notes that is constantly updated for every A Level subject together.
  • We aim to drive collaboration among students to work on notes that will not only benefit themselves but every other student in future.

Share our vision? Join us as a collaborator to continue working on the next phase of the project together!

Open-source chemistry notes version 0.1 – what’s inside currently?

  • Qualitative notes containing the concise information for all topics updated to the latest H2 Chemistry syllabus
  • Chemistry notes organised in a neat structure for easy revision with annotated diagrams
  • Full Inorganic Chemistry charts for Group 2, Group 17, and Period 3 elements
  • Organic Chemistry qualitative notes and conceptual notes on concepts including resonance and inductive effect

Future updates FOR VERSION 0.2

  • Organic chemistry reaction charts covering all organic functional groups and reactions

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