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Compile a comprehensive set of notes for each A Level subject. Collaborate to improve the notes that will be free to access by every student. Finally, an A Level textbook that is constantly updated with all the information we need.

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The project is currently paused.

But good news… the latest notes are available for download. You can also get updates from us. Thanks for stopping by!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why notes?
  • Notes are jam packed with all the information a student needs to understand a subject matter fully
  • Notes can be concise, yet rigourous in content
  • Notes are all the experiences that students have gained put into words
  • Notes are sharpened knowledge that are delivered in a coherent manner
  • Notes are studied weeks or 1 day before the exams to give students the final push

Notes are like gems to us.
At, we are students who love making notes. We compile the best resources together and share everything we have learnt with you to help you improve.

Why open-source?

With a growing pool of resources online, we can learn about almost everything online with a simple Google search. With so many free MOOCs (e.g. Coursera and EdX) and open-source projects (e.g. Wikipedia) available, we believe that notes should be open-source too.

In this day and age, collaboration is the key to success.

Join us in making education open-source, start collaborating today!

How can I view the latest A Level Notes Textbook?

As this project is still at its nascent phase, the current version of notes is not released to the public.

However, it is accessible to everyone who is contributing to the development of the notes. Simply join us as a collaborator, contribute to the notes, and you will be able to view the latest notes that are in development.

Join us by filling up this form! 

But I don't have notes ... / I don't think I can commit in this project...

This project is open-source and its sole purpose is to help you (the student). We require you to contribute to the notes simply because it will help you improve.

You can contribute your own notes at the initial phase but we hope you do not stop there. With this project, we hope to foster collaboration. With more students involved, we believe a comprehensive set of A Level notes will be compiled that will be valuable and useful for your revision. Therefore, by contributing (and staying active in the project in the long run), you will not only help yourself but many other students who are involved in this project.

Simply treat this project like your own set of notes. We are sure every student will make his/her own set of notes for any subject at some point of Junior College. This project will help you with that.

How can I contribute?

Regardless whether you are still studying or have graduated, we welcome every student and educator to join us in creating a comprehensive set of notes that is truly open-source and updated for every student to access.

You can contribute in three ways.

  1. Submit guest posts to our archives as part of our Wiki Notes project. Send your posts here!
  2. Collaborate with other students / educators to work on a comprehensive A Level Notes Textbook via Google Docs. Join us here!
  3. Join us as an Admin, we would love to welcome new members who believe in what we do. Contact us!
Do you have notes for __ subject?

Currently, these subjects are in development:

  • General Paper
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Geography

If you can’t find notes for a particular subject, you can start creating and others will join in!
If you are a recently graduated student and wish to join us as a subject delegate, you can start any subject of your choice and get the ball rolling! Join us as a delegate via this form. 

Please contact us if you are interested in starting a new subject.

Are these notes sufficient to help me get my A?

Definitely not.

Notes are not magic bullets that solve every problem. We cannot predict the questions or the difficulty of every year’s A Level papers.

However, we do our best to compile all the best resources and deliver them to you. Hopefully, whatever we have learnt and put together will be useful to you for your educational journey too!

Other than just studying the notes, constant practice is very important too. Sharpen your knowledge and skills by doing practice questions, drilling through past year papers, and writing full essays!